The Unit
Special Operations Forces (SOF), Raiders group. Unacknowledged unit that operates under the command of the US SOCOM.
This group is a tech savvy, highly mobile, fast attack unit that can deal with situations where the sponsor can maintain a low profile.We have reason to believe a paramilitary terrorist cell has been activated within our borders. Our agents discovered they have set up a command center at the old Misty Mountain site. Encrypted messages are being sent from this location to known terrorist groups outside of our borders.
Your mission is to gather intel at the site and shut down that transmitter.
This is a first person shooter where you have to gather clues as you move through each of the missions. The 5 sub missions or levels are tied together with a single story to immerse the user in the game. As you complete the levels you can go back and replay any of the ones you have finished to improve your score.