Virtual Rover Simulator (VIROS)

An interactive planetary rover simulator.

Rover Simulator Information

A free demo version of RoverSS is now available Here. This demo is designated RoverSS for "simple script" version. This SS version will allow anyone to program the rover to perform mission tasks. It's so easy...a Martian could do it.. We have added a forum for this project, please visit the Rover Forum and tell us how you like the Rover or discuss any special needs or programming issues.We have two schools currently using this simulator to help students get into programming and problem solving. The teachers can specify mission parameters and the students program their rovers to solve the problems of navigation on a 3d landscape to attain the goals.
We have added rocks, steam vents, smoke, and organcis into the simulator. Failure modes have been added to enhance the experience. Climb hills too steep and motors burn up, some areas have temperature or radiation issues to deal with and there may or may not be weather issues.

For more information on the script go to the RoverSS page.

For more information on how educators can take advantage of this product go to the RoverEdu page.

If you need to contact me about this project or alternatives please email me Howard Dortch

We still have an ongoing project using the 6502 emulator.
For those of you wanting to learn to program the 6502 processor that runs these bots there is an excellent resource for learning at the 6502 site

Rover "Zeus" on Gliese 3 Click on image to enlarge
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